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On the vast Konkan coastline of Maharashtra there lies this little gem Diveagar at one end of the triple Raigad beaches of Diveagar, Shrivardhan and Harihareshwar. A prosperous agricultural village Diveagar, is covered in beetel nut palms and banana plantains and a few famous Diveagar temples.

Diveagar is amongst the safest beaches in this stretch of beaches and has a thin layer of white sand above the underlying fine black sand

Few forts in Maharashtra have a history as exciting as Murud-Janjira, the legendary sea-fort located in the middle of the sea can reached by a ferry from Dighi.

Shrivardhan is a secluded beach 20 Kms from Diveagar with a secluded beach. Shrivardhan has a nice atmosphere with unpolluted air and a clean beach. Shrivardhan is a nice place to spend an evenings watching the sunset. The Kondivali beach in Shrivardhan is also a fishing port - Kalcha Jivana, and watching the life at this fishing hamlet is a great experiance in itself.

A land beleived to be blessed by Vishnu according to legends and proclaimed as 'devghar', Harihareshwar and the Harihareshwar temple is of foremost importance relegiously. Promulgated as the 'Dakshin Kashi' Harihareshwar with its temple complex is an important pilgrim centre and is chiefly responsible for exhalting harihareshwar as a tourist destination. Harihareshwar is 35 Kms from Diveagar.
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